Annuals & Perennials


Bedding plants, beautiful hanging baskets, perennials, succulents and more. Check out our inventory of vegetable plants and seeds.

Bron & Sons Plant Reference


Trees & Shrubs


Excellent selection of hardy ornamental trees and shrubs. Potted and bare-root fruit trees. Berries and small fruits.

Bron & Sons Plant Reference


Soil & Bark Mulch


Ask about our premium weedless top soil, our standard top soil, or beautify your garden beds with bulk bark mulch. Bagged potting soils also available

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Come in and see the garden art and sculptures, created by Melon Durand. Speak with David Durand about the soil mix he’s carefully developed over the last 38 years, and find the soil you need for your application. Or ask Dee Dee about selecting the right bedding plants for your garden.


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